Laughter and Resiliency at Wedding a Sure Sign of a Successful Marriage

20160716_153242Many of us have attended a wedding in which something unexpected occurs. Depending on the reaction of the participants, the experience is either a crisis or a moment of comedy that is retold at family events.  Such was the case at Heidi and Merissa’s wedding at the Belle Isle Conservatory Garden.  The story begins with two women, now able to marry, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling of June 2016. Heidi and Merissa planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony and the weather was perfect. Their friend, Chantelle Renaud, did a fantastic job acting as wedding coordinator and handled all the last minute details with calm and grace.0716161548 Photographer Jesse Speelman was there to capture all the important moments. Merissa requested a special song, “Here and Now” by Luther Vandross for her processional while Heidi walked to the traditional Canon in D. Officiant Erin McGowan conducted a touching ceremony. We especially enjoyed her final phrase reflecting on the significance of the first marital kiss. The couple kissed, hugged and then high fived!  They all but shouted “We did it!”  Then the moment of truth came.  While recessing across the bumpy lawn, Heidi took a tumble and ended up on her knees. When Merissa leaned down to help her up, she too ended up down on the lawn with her.  Rather than view this as a horrid catastrophe, the ladies began to laugh. They hugged, laughed and helped each other up while their guests clapped and cheered. That ability to laugh in times of distress and maintain focus on the true meaning of joined lives is what will make this marriage a success.  Congratulations ladies and best wishes!

Belle Isle Conservatory Garden

Jesse Speelman, Photographer



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  1. Thank you so much for better he beautiful blog. We appreciate you ladies coming out and taking part in us celebrating our forever happiness with each other.

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