Snowfall Creates a Magical Night for Newly Wed Couple

IMG_20151121_204627An old wedding superstition says that a marriage that takes place during a heavy snowstorm is considered a lucky one.  If there’s any truth to it then Amy and Bryan are destined for “happily ever after!”

For who could have anticipated a snow storm in November?!  The day before was a balmy 50 degree day with folks making remarks about the extended fall we were experiencing this year.  But experienced Michiganders know the mercurial nature of Michigan’s weather.   Despite the treacherous road conditions,  the 10″-12″ of snow did not stop our quartet from trudging up to The Holly Hotel for Amy and Bryan’s wedding.  The picture taken by our talented violist, Jessica, was reminiscent of a Dickens Village Christmas Scene.  Only a horse drawn sleigh could have further perfected it.

Kimberly Duran and her staff at The Holly Hotel warmly welcomed and assisted us throughout the evening.  he Holly Hotel was the hub of social activity.  Civic and social groups utilized the Hotel while train Original Line Drawing Holly Hoteltravelers and salesmen used the public rooms for meets and demonstrations. Sunday Dinner at the Holly Hotel was a formal event for locals and visitors alike.

The Holly Hotel

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