Historic Chapel at St. Johns Provides Majestic Backdrop for Catholic Weddings

IMG_2459The Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth is home to the St. John Chapel, which offers a beautiful setting for Catholic weddings.  The story of The St. John Chapel begins in the late 1940s when St. John’s Provincial Seminary opened its doors. In 1955, its remarkable chapel was dedicated.  The Chapel is noted for its exquisite interpretation of early Italian architecture, its Botticino marble statues, and the beautiful stained glass windows.  This gorgeous backdrop provided the element of history and tradition for Christina and Sean’s wedding ceremony.   We were delighted to work with two excellent coordinators from St. Johns.  Ken and Stacey made a great team and provided the piano and vocal music for the ceremony.  It’s always helpful to have the extra set eyes for cues and Stacey provided that assurance that’s always appreciated along with the gift of her beautiful voice.

The carved wood and stone, large-scale mosaic, and marble inlays in the polished floor created an element of majesty for Christina and her bridesmaids as they processed to Bach’s Air on the G String and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.  Deacon Bill Waldmann acted as officiant and spoke eloquently the joys and challenges of marriage.  The floral bouquets, created by One Enchanted Evening, accentuated the pink of the girls gowns.  Mike Staff Productions handled the music for the reception to follow.  We’ve encountered them several times in the past month which confirms that their reputation as one of the best continues to grow.  We send our best wishes to Sean and Christina as they begin their lives together.

The Inn at St. John’s

Mike Staff Productions

One Enchanted Evening


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