Rochester Community House and Beautiful Spring Day Make a Winning Combination for Outdoor Wedding

IMG_2223Early summer days in Michigan can be idyllic and Erin and Justin had a perfect day for their outside wedding at the Rochester Community House.  During the ceremony, we sat in the new gazebo decorated in the “shabby chic” effect with burlap and lace.  The couple chose several of our frequently requested contemporary songs for use in their ceremony including “Till Kingdom Come” by Coldplay, “Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel, “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars and “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.  It was obvious that many of the couples family members and friends were involved in making the day a charming success.  We were fortunate to have Kelly, the couple’s friend, help us with cues at the start of the ceremony.  Thank you, Kelly!  Erin’s father had two responsibilities for the day; walking his daughter down the aisle and officiating the ceremony.  The entryway and hall leading to the reception, decorated by family and friends, was stunning!  Following the ceremony, we played on the deck for the cocktail hour and had the surprise of meeting a bride who has booked us for her wedding in September!  She was a guest at Justin and Erin’s wedding and got a preview performance.                                                   Best wishes to Erin and Justin!  IMG_2224

Rochester Community House




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