Newly Wedded Couple Honors Guests with A Charitable Donation

IMG_2076The Colony Club provided an elegant background for Kari and Jeremy’s wedding day this past week.  The couple chose great music by the Beatles, Postal Service and Michael Buble for the evening.  The ceremony was highlighted by the bride’s father, Mark Ennis, serenading the couple with the song “That’s All” made famous by Frank Sinatra and recently by Michael Buble.   We were happy to accompany Mark on that song and the “Lord’s Prayer” during the ceremony.  Pastor Geoffrey G. Drutchas of St. Paul United Church of Christ officiated and was quick to point out that not many couples can claim they were serenaded during their wedding ceremony.  JLB Photography and Design was on hand to capture the uniqueness of the ceremony and beauty of the evening.  There were several readings beautifully presented by friends Holly, Meaghan  and Jessica  which included scripture, a poem on friendship and the Art of Marriage.  Following the ceremony, a cocktail hour was held downstairs while the dining room was prepared.  As the picture shows, Kari and Jeremy had a terrific idea for the wedding favors.  Clearly animal lovers, they honored their guests with a charitable donation to Last Day Dog Rescue.  Congratulations to the Jeremy and Kari!


Colony Club

JLB Photography and Design


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