“All You Need Is Love” for a Beautiful Wedding Day at the Gem Theater

IMG_1085IMG_1084The Gem Theatre building is one of Detroit’s most intimate and charming venues. This feeling of nostalgia was present for Sally and Brandon’s wedding. The Gem has a long standing history of breaking records. Built in 1903 by a group of civic and philanthropic mind women, it set a precedent even before a brick was laid, holding Detroit’s first building permit issued in a woman’s name. The building opened at the corner of Columbia and Witherell streets on 1903. The couple chose all classical music for their wedding day with the exception of the Beatles “All You Need is Love”.
This venue is truly a slice of Detroit history. In 1990, Charles Forbes began a complete restoration of the Gem Theatre, using archive photos, re-creation of the original carpeting found in the building, historical chandeliers and theatre. In 1997, the theatre again closed. Faced with demolition for the construction of Comerica Park, Mr. Forbes negotiated a plan to save the historic structure by relocating it to the corner of Madison and Brush streets. On November 10, 1997 the Gem Theatre completed its five-block journey, breaking the 1986 Guinness Book World Record as the heaviest building ever moved on wheels. Once relocated, the Forbes family began renovation on the Century Club facility. Using photos from the building’s 1903 opening, the facility was restored to its original Arts and Craft style. We had the pleasure of enjoying the architecture while playing in the foyer for the cocktail hour as a rain shower altered the plans for an outdoor location on the patio. We had fun playing a mix of songs for the guests. Such Great Heights by the Postal Service, MSU Fight song, Beatles, and others got a great response from the guests. Congratulations to Brandon and Sally!

Gem Theatre

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