Optimism Wins Out Over Thunderstorms at Hidden Lake Garden Wedding

IMG_1057IMG_1055Congratulations to Alison and Alexander on their wedding at Hidden Lakes Garden in Tipton. It was a stormy afternoon and everyone was hoping that the thunderstorms would move through quickly. The optimism paid off and they were able to hold the ceremony by the pond. As you can tell by the pictures, Flowers and Such of Adrian did a superb job. We also appreciated the assistance of Brittany for the cues and the expert driving skills of Eric, who took us and all our equipment down to the pond by golf cart. The chose an interesting mix of music, some of which we discovered to have significance. For the prelude, we played a mix of well-known Chopin melodies and Viva La Vida by Coldplay. The bridesmaids, dressed in sunny yellow summer dresses, processed down the hill to “Here Comes the Sun” while Alison processed to “Yellow” by Coldplay. We asked her later if the song choice had been planned to coordinate with the dress color. To our delight she said “Absolutely!” Congratulations to Alexander and Alison on their wedding and best wishes as they journey forth into married life.

Hidden Lake Gardens
Flowers and Such

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