“A Child Remembered” Memorial Service an Annual Commitment

Each year in October, we provide the music for a memorial service remembering babies born at Beaumont Hospital that did not survive.  The “Service of Remembrance and Healing” takes place at Roseland Park Cemetery in Berkley each year and serves the community of parents and family members that have lost a young child.  While this could be a service of deep grief, the Staff and Chaplain Aides of Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education, Chaplain Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach and the Staff of Social Work do a wonderful job creating a service of hope and remembrance.  Utilizing messages of hope from various traditions, the service includes individual recitations of names with the presentation of leaves to the Memory Tree by family members.  There is a candle lighting ceremony, blessing of the parents and a balloon release concluding the ceremony.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost children this year.  It is our fervent hope that the service this past weekend provided a measure of comfort and hope to those grieving. 

Beaumont Health System


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