Anderson Theater Wedding at The Henry Ford

Congratulations to Erlene and Joseph who celebrated the joining of their lives with family and friends in the Anderson Theater of the Henry Ford Museum. Outdoor weddings are always risky with weather being an unpredictable variable. Erlene and Joseph had originally intended for the ceremony to take place in the Pennsylvania Courtyard but wisely chose to move the ceremony to the Anderson Theater as rain threatened. Nevertheless, the ceremony was beautiful and incorporated traditions from Joseph’s Jewish heritage and Erlene’s Filipino heritage. Both Rabbi Nadia and Father Jim officiated the ceremony and explained the meaning behind their respective traditions. The Jewish Chuppah or wedding canopy created an intimate, sanctified space symbolizing the home that the bride and groom will share together. The Filipino Coin Ceremony symbolizes the couple’s commitment to their relationship, children and community. On this day, the coins they used were the same coins used when Erlene’s parents were married. The ceremony concluded with the Jewish tradition of the breaking of the glass. A broken glass cannot be mended. Likewise, marriage is irrevocable. Family and friends shouted “Mazel Tov” as the newly wedded couple recessed to the Finale from Handel’s Watermusic.
Following the ceremony, appetizers were served in the main hall while we of play hits from the Beatles, MoTown, Coldplay and others. Congratulations to Erlene and Joseph as they begin married life together.

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